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                SinusFlex?, More Flexible

                SinusFlex? mapping catheter specially designed for the CS placement through femoral vein.

                Overcoming Tortuosity

                Expressman? Guiding Extension Catheter and Conqueror? Lollipop NC PTCA Balloon Catheter with Spherical Tip help overcome the tortuosity and bring out the best clinical outcome.

                Big Thumb

                Braidin? is a thin-wall, braided stainless steel mesh introducer sheath, the outer diameter is 1F lower than conventional introducer sheath. It allows the novel distal trans-radial access (dTRA).

                6.5F Set Gives You More

                6.5F Braidin? Introducer Sheath & 6.5F March? Guiding Catheter provides a solution to approach via radial artery with larger guiding catheter inner lumen.

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                • 2002

                  Founded in

                • 2021

                  Listed in

                • 33%

                  CAGR-4 years

                • 89+


                ABOUT APT Medical

                APT Medical is a leading manufacturer and supplier of EP and Vascular Intervention medical devices, the company is committed to advancing the interventional medical field utilizing technologies and innovations. After two decades of development and technology accumulation, our product portfolio covers Electrophysiology, Cardiology, Peripheral Intervention, and Neuro intervention.

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