World-wide Patented DC-DC converter technology powers every
Lightspeed Road Solar LED, and that's just the beginning...

- Long-life lithium Polymer battery operates for up to 330 hours
- German Solar Technology
- Generates battery charge even in low-light overcast conditions
- Powerful, continuous-on light (not flashing like
  cheaper capacitor-powered LEDs)
- Solar cell and battery can be upgraded or replaced
- Snow-plowable without the need for an inset trench
- Shallowest overall depth of any in-road device on the market

Lightspeed Road Solar's new Snow-Plowable In-road lighting...

The first fully autonomous, 100% recyclable LED road lighting with a replaceable battery.

Solar Powered SV2 in Cast Iron
(Available in Lexan™ polycarbonate housing.)

All Lightseed Road Solar products include a 1 Year Warranty.

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