Lightspeed Road Solar's LED road guidance lighting helps eliminate
light pollution caused by poorly placed, unshielded or unnecessary overhead

Overhead lighting is necessary and effective in areas with a heavy
mix of pedestrian and vehicle traffic, or in areas that must be brightly
lit for surveillance requirements.

The misuse of overhead lighting to illuminate roadways is the primary
cause of light pollution, waste and safety concerns.

Lightspeed Road Solar's LED lighting is the perfect road guidance
lighting solution.

Why is Overhead Light Glare Wasteful and Dangerous?

"Glare from bad lighting is a public-health hazard—especially the older you become.
Glare light scattering in the eye causes loss of contrast and leads to unsafe
driving conditions, much like the glare on a dirty windshield from low-angle
sunlight or the high beams from an oncoming car."

- Mario Motta, president of the Massachusetts Medical Society

Roadway glare is especially dangerous to senior citizen drivers.
After the glare has passed out of the field of
vision, the older eye needs more time to adapt to the diminished
light during which the visibility of objects is impaired.

Why is Light Trespass?

Light Trespass is the poor control of outdoor lighting that crosses property lines
and detracts from property values and our quality of life.

The Illumination Engineering Society of America states that light trespass
comes in two forms:

1) Adjacent property receives unwanted light
2) Excessive brightness occurs in the normal field of view (nuisance glare).

Why is Sky Glow?

The dark night sky is an abundant natural resource that should not be taken for granted.
Astronomy and space exploration have been the source of priceless discovery
and enormous benefit to mankind.

Advocates for preservation of our dark sky resource are working hard to educate us about the
impact we have on this resource when we light up the night sky indiscriminately with unecessary
lighting that spills wastefully into the night sky.


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