Solar Powered IllumiguideSP in Lexan™ housing.
(Available with snow-plowable steel cap)

Lightspeed's IllumiguideSP is the only fully autonomous, 100% recyclable, Snow-Plowable Solar road marker on the market today.


Ships in uni-directional or bi-directional models. The IllumiguideSP represents a gigantic leap forward in solar road lighting technology.

The IllumiguideSP gives highway authorities, municipalities and parking facilities the zero-cost lighting solution they need to dramatically increase safety records while taking advantage of the greenest roadway lighting available today.



All Lightseed Road Solar products include a 1 Year Warranty against manufacturer defects.

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IllumiguideSP Road Marker


- Flush In-road Installation

- 100% Solar Powered

- Super Long-life

- Uni or Bi Directional

- Powerful 44,000 Mcd LED

- No wires

- No electromagnetic transmissions

- Simple, easy installation


- Reduce accidents

- Increase driver visibility by 700%

- Eliminate overhead lighting costs

- Create an instant "Green" atmosphere


- Replace highway overhead lighting

- Horizontal Curve edge marking

- Lane delineation at interchanges

- Lane delineation at on & off ramps

- Lane delineation at tollways

- Gore Markings

- Bike path lighting