Lightspeed Road Solar's LED lighting solutions can help save thousands
in electicity costs by displacing less-effective overhead lighting that was
Intended primarily as vehicle road guidance.

Our fully autonomous photovoltaic solar lighting solutions can play
an important role in your renewable energy projects.

Eliminate overhead lighting with LED road-guidance lighting?

It's been estimated that in the U.S., approximately $4 Billion Dollars
annually is wasted on overhead street lighting that shines up into
the night sky or is misdirected horizontally into neighborhing homes
and buildings.

Outdoor overhead lighting is useful in areas where pedestrians and
vehichles are in close proximity, but it is not the most efficient or effective
means of lighting roadways for vehicle guidance.

Cities and towns are wasting thousands of dollars powering overhead
road lighting. Lightspeed Road Solar's Solar LED road guidance lighting
provides energy-free, clean, bright and directed horizontal lighting.

Economic Issues in Wasted and Inefficient Outdoor Lighting

Energy, budget concerns prompt review of street-lighting

City Should Stop Wasting Light, Dark Skies Lobby Tells Council Committee

Hartford, VT Finds Savings in Wasted & Unsafe Street Lights

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