Even though only 25 percent of the vehicle-miles traveled occur at night, nearly
50 percent of fatalities occur during those hours.

"If we could get the nighttime rate to approach that of the
daytime, we could save as many as 14,000 lives per year."

- Patrick Hasson, US Department of Transportation

Why is Overhead Light Glare so Dangerous?

"Glare from bad lighting is a public-health hazard—especially the older you become.
Glare light scattering in the eye causes loss of contrast and leads to unsafe
driving conditions, much like the glare on a dirty windshield from low-angle
sunlight or the high beams from an oncoming car."

- Mario Motta, president of the Massachusetts Medical Society

Roadway glare is especially dangerous to senior citizen drivers.
After the glare has passed out of the field of vision, the older eye
needs more time to adapt to the diminished light during which the visibility of objects is impaired.

Driver Response Time and Road Lighting...

Lightspeed Road Solar's LED lighting illuminates from
dusk to dawn and is visible up to ten times
further (3300 FT) than reflective road markers that depend on headlights.

More Effective Lane Delineation

Lane delineation is one of the biggest challenges
in traffic safety and nothing improves safety more than clearly defined lanes.

Lightspeed Road Solar's road guidance lighting solutions dramatically
improve lane delineation in all weather conditions.

The Institute of Transportation Engineers identified enhanced lane delineation as one of the
top strategies for reducing roadway departure crashes.
- 2008, Roadway Departure Crashes: How Can They Be Reduced?

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